The Art of the Tailor

For a very long time it has been understood by those in the know that to lead a civilized life, the true gentlemen requires three things. An unshakable valet, a private club and a personal tailor.

Today, words like quality and craftmanship usually mean "very expensive" and the faithful manservant and private club have gone the way of an honest politician.

Take heart:
For those of us who like to stand just ahead of the pack, The House of Antonio and Charles is still here.

Antonio Incerto has been creating fine mens and ladies wear for over thirty-five years. His suits are hand-crafted to the highest standards of excellence in construction, style and detail.

The House of Antonio and Charles stands for Quality, Style and Value for Money. The Superb Alternative for the New, True Gentleman.

Quality Fabric:

Antonio Incerto personally oversees the purchase of fine fabric from world renown mills in Italy, Spain and Great Britain. Superior fabric means a superior suit and superior wear now and in the years to come.

Personal Choice:
You choose the fabric, its weight and feel. You choose the pattern - either work with Antonio's custom designs or bring in a picture of your favorite Hugo Boss or Armani styles. add or subtract details to make the garment uniquely yours. Walk out with a unique reflection of your own personal style.

Value for Money
The House of Antonio and Charles is discreetly tucked away on Adelaide Street, Toronto, and out of the main hustle. We keep our overheads low and pass on the savings to you.

Our prices start at $550.00 for a 2pc custom suit. Ladies or Mens.

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